Grape Nut Ice Cream

Grape Nuts is a cereal. A healthy, high in fibre, whole grain cereal in the shape of crunchy nuggets. I wouldn't pay two cents for a box as a breakfast food.

However, it is the key ingredient in one of my favourite ice cream flavours. I know it sounds weird but blend these nuggets of goodness into a high quality, vanilla ice cream and allow the flavours to marry and you'll find the grape nuts add a rich, malty flavour not unlike bits of sugar cone. They soften as well and become chewy so it's satisfying in texture as well.

Growing up in Atlantic Canada I squandered my opportunities to eat it, as the ice cream does not exist here in in my neck of the west. And it isn't just Eastern Canada that appreciates this ice cream. It is a popular New England flavour and it is one of two post popular flavours in Jamaica, along with rum raisin. (Of course)

I bring this up today because I'm making ice cream and this is one of the flavours I'm making. The other is strawberry.

When I started working I used to visit an ice cream shoppe on my break and they had killer butter pecan ice cream. The manufacturer used salted pecans and it was the first experience I had with the salty sweetness that is so popular now. They discontinued it because people thought it shouldn't be salty. The folks making the ice cream were head of their time.

The best Baskin-Robbins flavour I've had is Baklava. They pretty much nailed the flavour and it was heaven.

What is the strangest ice cream you've had?



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