Guess Who


Albert Einstein

Steven Hawking


Better without hair

Bill Clinton meets JFK with Forrest Gump off camera

Franklin Roosevelt

Josef Stalin

Hint on the belt buckle

Martin Luther King Jr.

He was in The Crying Game wasn't he? No.
Mother Teresa

Oscar Wilde

So cute! Robert Frost

Walt Disney

Winston Churchill


Tonya said...

Why did they put boys in dresses back then?

Frimmy said...

It frighten and confuses me and helps explain Celine Dion's kid all those years. But seriously, wtf?

Anonymous said...

I've wondered that too, and am about to google why victorian's did this to little boys.

Also, may I add, Josef Stalin...what a hunka hunka.


Frimmy said...

I was going to add a "rawr" to his picture too, but I had already done that on Steve Martin's. But totally, gorgeous!


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