I Had a Weird Dream

A Child by Ray Caesar
I do not believe dreams mean anything. I think dreams are the result of your sub-conscious being allowed to take out your fears and fantasies like a plastic bucket and shovel and play with them in the sandbox. You get what you get, but it's random and has no significance. At least that's my experience. I dunno, maybe you have better dream skills than I do. I like that my dreams are random, though, don't get me wrong. I'm busy enough without adding dream interpretation stress to my day. Who needs it?

Last night I had two dreams and I rarely remember dreams. In one, guests kept paying for their orders in foreign coins and I was in heaven, in one way, and tormented in another. In real life I keep a Ziploc baggie in my bag (I hate word purse and I hate purses) with about five dollars in coins so I can buy foreign coins when I find them while doing deposits. So in the dream I'm very excited I'm finding all these awesome coins - some were as big as plates and made of really, shiny copper - but also bummed because I didn't have enough money to buy all these coins out.

In the other dream, I'm with my sister and I ask her if Mom and Dad are incontinent yet. What. The. Hell? She tells me yes, Mom is having those issues and wears Depends. (recent advertisement) I say I suspected as much, but when did this happen. She says it started with the Bridge games. The End. Yeah, that makes sense. No really, it makes total sense. Bridge games must not be interupted for any reason. Kind of like that South Park episode where they are playing WoW and want to beat this one character and have to train for seven weeks straight...anyway you get the idea. And if you don't, here you go.

Hahaha!! First: The guy whose character is killing everyone is the twin of my deceased BIL right down to the brace and no life. Deceased BIL also resembled Al McWhiggen from the Toy Story movies, right down to body size and proportions.

Second: This episode nails all the gaming stereotypes! Also, in real life I'm a bland server of coffee. Online, I'm a maxed Ranger with the ability to craft the most difficult materials into the most complex jewels and armor and that's just one MMORPG! Yeah. Take that, insolent guests!



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