I Love Crayons

With these Crayola crayons (no other brand will do) I can use my imagination and create this:

Pensive Alien by Frimmy (2012, monochromatic, crayon and paper)

I totally lied. I did not do that drawing. If I could read Bulgarian I could tell you who did do it but you can find the page with the credit here. Oh! Google translator kicked in! Her name is Teresa and she was three when she drew that...whatever it is. 

When professionals and artistically gifted people use crayons, they make magic.

Crayon art by Stushie:

This artists stacks crayons [detail from work below]

Oh yes! And in case that wasn't impressive enough, crayon sculpture!


Totally cool! She does commissions!

Nope I can't even come close to that but there's almost nothing more restful than a new box of crayons and a colouring book.

They've been a tradition in my family for years. Way, way back when I set up my own home, my two youngest sisters were 10 and 2 and I picked up two colouring books for when we had sleepovers. When they did and we coloured, I'd get them to sign and and date their pages. For posterity. I did that with subsequent nieces and nephews, family friends' kids and daycare children. It has become like a photo album. Paging through the book, I come across the names of kids who have their own kids now, a niece who was killed in a car accident, day care children who are deployed in Afghanistan...it's fascinating. Best idea I ever had.

* re: Goldlust is a crazy awesome name. Once I had occasion to talk to a police officer and her name was Roadknight. A cop named Officer Roadknight. How perfect was that? If I wrote a kid's book and came up with that name it would sound invented.



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