Interesting Paperweights

I thought I would check out interesting paperweights today. Of course that means interesting to me. In a world where offices are going paperless, are paperweights on the endangered list? I included links if you want to check out where you can purchase happy, joyful paperweights such as these.

Period for completed, comma for work in progress, quotes for messages by Nendo
Purchasing info here

Moon Jellyfish by Rick Satava

Pile o' Viking armor


Centipede, real, dead and probably crunchy

Black Opalite Gemstone Globe

Brass Sextant

Is there a weighted companion cube paperweight that
would go with my Aperture Science desktop background? No.

Museum of Modern Art Crumpled legal page

MoMa Crumpled blueprint

MoMa Crumpled Sheet Music 

This reminds me of the grasshopper villains in A Bug's Life. They did a great job
with the entomological details

Grasshopper Policy also explains how the 1% operate:


Noelle said...

The insect paper weights are really fun when you work with a insectaphobe. (or whatever scared of bug people are called) you will probably let me know.

kuschk said...

Put a dead bat in a transparent block of lucite and it's a paperweight. Put a human head in a transparent block of ice and it's a felony. I'M TIRED OF YOUR "RULES", SOCIETY!

Frimmy said...

Laughs! Human ears in lucite are much more manageable although equally difficult to explain, in my experience.

@Noelle, people who are scared of bugs are called "scared of bug people". Stop with this fancy, sesquipedalian vocabulary of yours, dammit. We are simple folk here at Frimmbits. And we love bats. And cheese. Bats and cheese are awesome. But not together.

Anonymous said...

god,s armor,against the whales of evil.

Frimmy said...

Please step away from the computer...


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