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[cartoon by Corey]

It may seem like I've been doing nothing the last few days but I have been hard at work here at Frimmbits. With the new look, I decided to go back and take a look at old posts. I tended to have a casual attitude about labels in the beginning so I went back made them more accurate for searching. I added a widget for labels where one option is to list them in order of popularity, or which word shows up most in the labels, and seeing that list helps pinpoint for me what I seem to like posting about the most. 

With many thanks to Google Earth and Google Street View

And that is:

  1. geography 
  2. music
  3. art 
  4. food 
  5. literature 
  6. poetry 
  7. scotch 
  8. smokie videos What? Only three? 

No surprises there, however one is a little embarrassing. (I'm looking at you, Smokie)

Never-ending Very Bad Video Issues

...and Vimeo and Hulu and half of all YouTube videos

Daily Motion, thanks for being there for me, let's never lose touch, OK?

Also many of the videos I laboured to find have been removed since I posted them and no longer play. You may recall I had a lot of difficulty finding working videos in the first place so this is an ongoing source of frustration for me. Hopefully I've been able to find working videos and in the odd case where I couldn't I tried to find an alternative on the same subject or in the case of Gunther Holtorf, the world traveler, I had to make due with a link.

Most Popular Posts

Down girls! This is a sauna, not a house! Whale bone accents
You can find this sauna on one of the Haida Gwaii Islands

For the first time since I posted it, Tiny Homes has been knocked out of first place by the frivolously named "I Like Blue Things" which may as well be called "Hearts, butterflies, unicorns & ponies" for the degree of intelligence it reflects (with apologies to my sister as that alternate title nailed all the things she loves and I believe is also her email address). "I like Blue Things" is actually a marine biology post with a little colour science thrown in. I don't know what people are actually looking for when they arrive at that post. Maybe the world just likes blue things.

Tiny Homes was number one on the list for one reason only. Pinterest. I wish I could luck into what makes Pinners tick because this blog could be a gold mine! Out of all the things I've written about, tiny homes is pinteresting? Where do I go from there? It's so random! I don't know how pinterest works. I'm sure it's great if you do.

With the exception of the semi-cavegirl Magnus Scheving beefcake post, and I think I'm to blame because of the misleading "Iceland" in the title, the other posts are about nature and geography. Clearly my inspiration to switch my blog to insane, clown, midget, amputee, porn was misguided. I guess I'll stick to nature and geography. Sorry, Juggaloes. The list of top ten posts:

  1. I Like Blue Things
  2. Tiny Homes
  3. Aogashima Island
  4. Black Jaguar
  5. Lake Baikal, Siberia
  6. Ribbon Eel
  7. The Philippines
  8. Plitvice Lakes National Park
  9. How Many Dead on Mt. Everest (graphic)
  10. Iceland's Hottest Export - Magnús Scheving

Top Ten Visiting Countries

St Paul's Subterranean National Park, Philippines
  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Germany
  5. Australia
  6. Philippines
  7. India
  8. Brazil
  9. Russia
  10. Indonesia
The surprise on this list is The Philippines. India and Russia is where the bots and spammers seem to be coming from. So why is The Philippines sixth on the list? Apparently a lot of Filipinos google beautiful pictures of their country and "beautiful Filipino family". That post starts off with a sweet picture of a Filipino family and follows with a zillion pictures of the country. I don't know if I've ever googled "beautiful pictures of Canada" or any country for that matter. I might try that from now on.

Ironically used without permission
I have not one atom of artistic or creative ability in my body and so I admire it deeply in others. Therefore I am forced to trawl the internet for interesting graphics to spice up the writing. Also, I like featuring art. So, I try credit, and ask permission when using art and/or photos, or when I use information from someone else's blog, I link to their page. I know I've lapsed here and there but there was no malicious intent in that. In trying to get permission, I have made contact with many of the artists, photographers and bloggers you see mentioned here. It has been completely positive with every individual so far. If I haven't heard from the artist directly (usually I do), I have had them comment on the post in which they were featured and/or start following my blog. I suspect the latter was to keep an eye on me. In the case of Anthony Penel, he answered a question I had asked in the post.

Close Encounters of the Third (Bloecher subtype F) kind: 

Kid's Doodles by Wendy Tsao
Splash Photography by Jack Long, websites here and here
LEGO "Bring out your dead" picture Gareth Payne
Dune du Pyla by Anthony Penel
Capturing Light by Michael Zigmond
Cecropia Moth by Irish Eyes
Cecropia Moth by EmileDWolf
The Art of Ebru by Garip Ay
Paper Marbling by Yasemin Ozsavasci

When you consider how many art posts I've done this is a good representation of most of them.

My favourite posts will continue to be the wonders of our world, both locations and creatures. I know I'll never tire of exploring this planet. Someone posted a comment on facebook today and it absolutely captures how I feel about it. It's from Joe vs The Volcano:

My father says that almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know. Everybody you see. Everybody you talk to. He says that only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement.

This world is amazing. Wake up. The Matrix has you.


Angie said...

I can't understand why Millhouse isn't on your list of inspiring bloggers. He is a fine cat. I mean, his content is mediocre and his frequency is spotty, but seriously? The cat TYPES.

Happy Anniversary!

Frimmy said...

Alas Milhouse has joined hyperbole, Steammeupkid and Master of Procrastination in turning private, working on a book or procrastinating, the latter one involving margaritas, no doubt, I didn't mention him but I believe the world would benefit by his point of view.


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