Perhaps you know this already but I don't like chocolate. Also, I don't like hazelnuts or filberts (two varieties of the same species) or the combination of bread and chocolate. So this product would be a never ending all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of disappointment IF I thought I was missing anything. When the subject comes up and I mention I don't really like Nutella, or worse chocolate, people usually react with the same astonishment as when I tell them I don't really like pizza (it's the tomato sauce). It's like I'm not human! But I look at it this way, they won't be required to share any with me so win/win, right?

What does disappoint me is the superabundance of recipes to be found online with Nutella as the main ingredient. Yuk! I've tried it enough to know there cannot be anything made with Nutella that I will like. 

I always find it interesting to note how polarized we can be with our opinions about a certain food or flavour. Take cilantro. Widely used in South and Central American and Asian cooking, this herb is either adored or despised. Me? Formerly I hated it and now I don't mind it in small quantities. I will even willingly add it to salsa now, whereas before I left it at the store when shopping for ingredients. I can't make my pineapple cucumber lime salad without cilantro. So there's some progress there I guess.

Coconut is another flavour that gets passionate debate. I notice the haters cite the texture as the unbearable quality about coconut. My sister likes the smell but will gag at the flavour or texture. My family is divided into the coconut haters (her) and lovers (everyone else). I love coconut and the idea that someone will actually gag on it confuses me. How can someone so deeply hate that which I find delightful?

What biological characteristics go into determining whether someone likes a flavour or not? Is it genetic? Do these factors cause them to taste something differently? When babies taste lemon for the first time they almost always react the same way. Eyes clamp shut and their whole bodies shudder. Why is that?


kuschk said...

Here's a weird one: I like tomato sauce but not actual tomatoes.

Frimmy said...

The Lad is like that! I don't get it, but that's the wondrous thing about personal taste, she said, as she picked out the chocolate bits in her Chunky Monkey ice cream.

Tonya said...

Dibs on all your chocolate!

Frimmy said...

You already have dibs on the 'chocolate' thingy in the bottom of my ice cream drumstick cones. You want to have all the chocolate.


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