Picture Dump

Don't name what you're going to eat, Monkey


Clearly Ontario, Canada

Priorities: exactly right

Correction for the cat: I encouraged him to do it,
laughed at him while he barfed and called him a stupid dog

Want this entire room especially the rug
(smaller size required however, this room is as big as my house)


I'll have the dark ones you can have the light ones

I miss Corner Gas

Reminds me of one of my favourite infographics

I can't watch

Clearly a Canadian!

yes, and too short


What is 50 supposed to look like? I don't know anymore

Totally shopped

Aww...does that horn in the side hurt, little man?

As you may know, I prefer a single malt, myself

Clearly Skyrim is always playing in the background

Glad I'm not the only who sees stuff like this


That depends on what she's trying to do. Idiot: Level 99


yeah, stop doing it. Even ironically.

Clearly a juvenile

The shoes are why I love this guy.

Yet another bad ass

[photo: David Chambon]

I thought this only happened in Bug's Life!

Don't even think they're not intending to rape you. Also: this

Chameleons on the other hand are perfect

There's nothing that can't be improved by recreating it in LEGO
(a little tape on one shoe would have been funny)

This is how Dubai makes their fake, tacky, expensive, unnaturally shaped, islands

this makes sense.


Unknown said...

I will fist fight you for the dark beer.

iambriezy said...

Damn. I posted here that I love your picture dumps. It double posted, so I deleted one, but it deleted both. Stupid blogger. Now your facebook comment makes sense.


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