Recent Popular Posts: Avro Arrow (Wait...What!?)

[photo: John Major/Postmedia]

It's always a surprise to check stats and see what people are finding interesting and/or how they arrived at my blog. In the last few days several people have been hitting my post on Canada's Avro Arrow. If you recall, the Arrow was a delta winged interceptor jet built and then scrapped in Canada in the 1950's and which lead to leading Canadian scientists and engineers leaving the country and joining NASA and other space and aeronautical programs. This is a post that has received virtually no hits the first time I posted it in September 2011 or when I updated it this summer.

So...what's up?

According to a recent National Post article, an update to the storied CF-105 Avro Arrow was put forward as an alternative to the purchase of F-35 stealth fighter jets to replace our aging fleet. And among the project’s champions is one of Canada’s top soldiers, retired Maj.Gen. Lewis MacKenzie. It was thought that leading military figures at the time were responsible for influencing Diefenbaker's government to scrap the program, so a bit of irony there.

According to a more recent other National Post article, the Arrow relaunch was quietly rejected by the government in June.

“Unfortunately, what is propose is not a viable option for Canada’s next generation fighter,” said a letter from Julian Fantino, who was then Canada’s associate minister for national defence.

Two things which has lead to people googling Avro Arrow and ending up here because there aren't enough sites out there talking about it.

Of course it's practical to look ahead rather than back when planning to update fighter jet fleets but it's still sad. After The Oatmeal's epic infographic on Edison vs Tesla, and his successful campaign to raise money for a Tesla museum, I'm tempted to propose he look into this. It would be nice to raise awareness of the Arrow. Not enough Canadians know about it. Is there a Canadian The Oatmeal? Can I convert original The Oatmeal to Canadianism? Stay tuned for the continuing stooooory of The Arrow Scrap'd



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