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One of my least favourite facebook things is the person who demands that I "like, repost or share" the [whatever] they just liked, reposted or shared in their facebook status update. Is it me or is this beyond juvenile and just plain stupid? I didn't even have school mates force their opinion on me the way this does. And then adding to that is the reverse psychological manipulation tactic that they know 97% of their friends won't do it. Some even add "but I know who will" implying that if I do I'm in their secret club of special friends.

If they know 97% of us won't repost, share or like why the hell do they waste their time posting it in the first place? You know what they should have figured out by now? 97% of the friends in question have that person's status updates blocked because of annoying status updates like that. That's why they're being ignored.

I don't mind the odd one here or there, really. Sometimes we are impressed or moved by a particular subject or person. I'm talking about the serial Repost Terrorists. Below please find attached some (not even half) of the status updates I have seen in the last few days from one person. I have other friends and family who post this crap but I thought I'd go with one stop shopping and make it easy.

Because sharing will magically create a force field around the law enforcement
agency thus preventing him from getting his job back.

YOUR goal? My goal is to quietly reflect
on those who lost their lives in a heinous act of
terrorism and give THEM the honour.

I really hate my options in the above image but it's still not as offensive as "like" for Jesus "ignore" for the devil because exercising my free will makes me a shoe-in for Team Satan as it has since the beginning of Christianity.

If ever there was a reason for a "dislike" button this is it.
In fact I'd click a "Just because you're family and I can't delete you
doesn't mean you're allowed to put stuff like that in my face
because I go out of my way to avoid stupidity like this
everywhere else when I'm online" button if they had one.

No amount of reposting, sharing or liking will make any difference and simply reposting does not absolve you from moral accountability if you feel that strongly about something needing to be reformed, changed or honoured that you hold others hostage to your views and still choose not to act. So the way I feel about this is, put up or shut up. If you're not out there doing something about it, stop obligating me to play this stupid game of hiding your complacent head in the sand of futile reposts in the hopes of gaining some kind of admiration from others or brownie points with fate or redemption from your god.

The "Bet You Won't Repost This!" Update

The message seems pretty innocuous. Something like, "Not everyone has a sibling who they can count on. If you have a sibling and love them then repost this. Unfortunately 99% of you don't have the guts to repost this!" Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't catch that, as I was too busy actually spending time with my sibling and not just making the claim with a pitiful 154 characters. Get off your high horse. I'll bet that horse spends more time with his equine siblings than you do. And he doesn't go on Facebook clopping away at his keyboard about it. 

Repost statuses are a stale, three layer cake of annoying. It’s unoriginal, needy and you’re ordering people to also be annoying to their other friends. It’s the Facebook locust, eating up all the interesting things on your newsfeed and replacing them with soul withering reposts. Even if the repost has good intentions, posting up a status for an hour to “show awareness” for club footed people doesn’t make their feet less clubby or do anything for their awkward gait.
Don’t feel bad if you’re guilty about posting one or more of these statuses, most of us have done it at least once, but the secret ingredient that forces friends to ban you from their newsfeed is repetition. Facebook statuses aren’t meant to be a dumping ground for every thought that squeezes out your ears or every bowel movement you have because hello, that’s what Twitter is for. On Facebook, status scarcity makes the heart grow fonder. Before you post your status, remember that you have an audience who’s probably on company time and being very ninja about their Facebook visits, don’t let it be all for naught.

So the repost pet peeve of mine inspired a conversation between me and Atheist Granny and it's the reason, one of many actually, that she's one of my favourite people in the world. She 'gets' what I'm saying immediately almost every time. We all need buds like that. 

[update: i accidentally forgot to edit out Tonya's last name. She didn't care but I do so I'm adding a picture of her dad as an apology]

Tonya's Revered Father


Tonya said...

Oh yes, this was awesome! I absolutely DESPISE those kinds of status updates and that exchange we had was fun.

There will come a time where you will notice that my last name is on top of that picture. When that time comes, just leave the photo as it is. I don't care one iota.

I cannot tell you how much I loved that picture about servers.

Tonya said...

HA! It's DAD!

I loved the "That's what Twitter is for comment." I'd love this post even if I wasn't a part of it.


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