Russia's Bald & Hairy Leaders

Matryoshka set featuring alternating bald and hairy Russian leaders

I started to do this post about the interesting pattern of Russian leaders and their hair and I will get to that. 

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Sketch appropriated from  Bob Canada's blog,
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But first I just want to say that often while I'm in the middle of a post, my mouth-breathing cyclops of a muse lurches off in another direction before I'm done. It left just now, in fact. It's heading over to google "matryoshka dolls" and lacking opposable thumbs, it can't do anything until I get there, just as I have become hobbled by that dolt taking off in mid-post. I must find a way to assuage the muse...

Leaders of Russia have alternated between having hair and not having hair. Currently Putin is leader and he is a baldy. Yeah, Putin, the comb-over doesn't fool anyone but you. The way the joke goes is that the next leader will not qualify unless he has hair. This pattern is a coincidence (probably) and has been going on for approximately two hundred years. It has been consistent since 1825 (with the exception of Georgy Malenkov 1953-1955) starting with Nicolas I (bald) and his succeeding brother Alexander II (hairy).

Kind of interesting since it's something we wouldn't necessarily notice unless we were in Russia and 'in' on the joke. 

Other patterns in Russian leaders, according to Wiki, are an alternating Man-Woman and a Killed-Died pattern. You can read about those here.


Anonymous said...

I bought a set of these Matroyshka dolls for my grandfather (my family is Russian) and he laughed his ass of Krushchev depicted with a cob of corn in his pocket. Apparently he was from the uneducated "farmer" region of the Soviet Union or something. Another inside joke for you.


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