Steampunk Sculptures - Stephane Halleux

About the only thing I liked about Wild Wild West and Around The World In 80 Days was the Steampunk set designs and props. I wouldn't want to decorate my entire house this way but I would love a few corners of it devoted entirely to Steampunk. Starting with one of these sculptures.

Leather Robot

Rouleur de Patins

Beauty Machine

Mechanical horse

Voiture Heublot


Wheelchair Telefunkin


Homme Volant

Wheelchair Robot

Little Flying Civil Servant

Romantic Bot

My Little Robot

Armoured Car

Theodore Houbin


Leibig Car


Fifaxs Car

Doctor Devil

Stephane Halleux

Stephane Halleux is a Belgian sculpter whose work is part man, part machine and part comic book whimsy. This is his website but I didn't get much information from it because it was in French and when I used Google translator to switch it to English, it rendered all the text blank.


Anonymous said...

I like the previous steampunk stuff better. This reminds me more of figures from stop-motion animation, albeit edgy figures.


Frimmy said...

Pierre Matter's sculptures are beautiful! These are more cartoonish. They're cute.


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