Underwater Hotel - Oh Hell No!

I read an article here about a hotel in Sweden where your room is a floating in a lake and the bedroom is ten feet down accessible by ladder. That sounds particularly heinous considering it's not anywhere tropical where the water is clear and there are interesting fish Sweden. Judging by the comments I'm not alone in this feeling.

It looks like a floating outhouse and like an outhouse its particular charm is far below the little house with the half moon on the door.

Behold! Brown, murky water with ordinary fish!

Is that weeds I see? Or a leak?

And then night falls. Night with its black water.
I'd be a puddle of teeth and eyeballs by the end of the first night.

For something to do, the owners suggest that you can paddle around the lake in the dinghy included with the room.  There isn't a whole lot else you can do here. Someone in the comments suggested this was more appropriate for a jail cell. I agree.


Angie said...

Holy shit, I can't think of anything worse. Oh wait...yes I can...but this runs a close second.


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