Art for Untalented Hacks (like me)

See these images below? I made them. Yes, I did shut up. Go here and you can make some too. It's rather calming. It is an interface that takes your click and drag option and turns it You can choose pattern options and colours. Go and have some fun, what you get will look so much better than this!

I tried a butterfly for something different.
Mariah would be proud. Which makes me ashamed.

I call this *sniffs pretentiously* Cahndleschteek


Tonya said...

Your butterfly looks like fallopian tubes. *double pretentious sniff*

Frimmy said...

Hmm...I don't see fallopian tubes but I do see a squashed, really sad skull.

Tonya said...

You've made your own inkblot tests!


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