Bus Commuters Play a Beethoven Classic

This piece (Piano Sonata No. 14 in C Sharp Minor [Moonlight] Soundhound rocks!) is a group contribution with commuters and passers-by from the Haymarket Bus Station in Newcastle UK. The people in the video were convinced to donate a note or two. Many of them had never played or even touched a piano before. Even though they only hit one key here and there, with direction, they are participating in a classical work of music and many are clearly moved by it.

You might remember a previous post I did about the pentatonic scale with Bobby McFerrin where he shows in a two minute video that humans are connected in an innate way by music, by getting the audience at the World Science Festival 2009  to sing a duet with him without ever rehearsing it with them beforehand. It sounds corny, but music unites us. When it isn't alienating us because the neighbours are playing theirs too loud late into the night.

This is the acknowledgement paragraph that is posted with the video:
The work was funded by the Arts Council of England, and Nexus through their Art On Transport cheme, with support in kind from FACT Services Liverpool and the distribution of the work through the artplayer http://www.artplayer.tv/. A special thanks to Tyneside Piano Company for agreeing to install a mini grande in the bus station. It was a great day, even though I was really worried how it would go. I was amazed excited people were to not only get involved but also to chat. Thanks to everyone and especially the pianist Andy Jackson of the Cobwebs orchestra
I saw this video on 22 Words.



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