Casa Batlló - Barcelona

Casa Batlló was a private home in Barcelona designed by Antoni Gaudi. He took his inspiration from nature and so his work has pleasing organic and whimsical flow to it. This house is all Disneyesque pastels, undulating curves and spirals. Almost like he was trying to avoid straight lines.

But first, you may be familiar with one of his other more famous designs:

The famous Sagrada Familia, a minor basilica
[photo: Wolfgang Staudt]
Started in 1882 and still a work in progress with only 50% of the church completed, Sagrada Familia is a mezmerizing part of Barcelona's well appointed city landscape. Completion of the project is expected in 2026, the one hundredth anniversary of Gaudi's death. 

When he wasn't busy building churches, he also designed other homes and parks and other churches. In fact here is a list of his works. It's interesting to note that seven of his creations, including Casa Batlló, are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Gaudí's style was Modernisme or Art Nouveau in the broadest sense. The ground floor, in particular, is rather astonishing with tracery, irregular oval windows and flowing sculpted stone work.

Much of the façade is decorated with a mosaic made of broken ceramic tiles that starts in shades of golden orange moving into greenish blues. The roof is arched and was likened to the back of a dragon or dinosaur. A common theory about the building is that the rounded feature to the left of centre, terminating at the top in a turret and cross, represents the lance of Saint George (patron saint of Catalonia, Gaudi's home), which has been plunged into the back of the dragon. [wikipedia]

Here are some pictures of Casa Batlló gathered from the internet. Enjoy.

[photo: Alscardoso]

"Under the sea...under the sea...
Darlin' it's better down where it's wetter take it from me..."

oo! A blue shell! I need that to fly!

[photo: tato grasso]


Picture credits not otherwise mentioned I found here and here. Both are excellent travel blogs.

Casa Batlló web site here

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On the day I read the article by the B-Geo mentioned above, I randomly found two other articles of a similar nature here and here. The internet was of one mind yesterday it seems. At least the part that wasn't talking about celebutards.


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Mario reference WIN!

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Very favorite place in Barcelona. I saw one time. Travel notes shared here (gezi).


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