Dick Cooley AKA Sparkplug Man - Sculpture

Angie, a friend and regular visitor here, sent me a link to this artist yesterday. She had the opportunity to meet him and got to see his sculptures in person. Dick Cooley creates his sculptures using his imagination and things that other people throw away. Almost every sculpture has a spark plug.

He's been doing this for 27 years. It started with a welding course assignment  where he was to was to take old parts and make something creative out of them. He made a four foot rose and has continued with this form of sculpture ever since. He worked as an industrial welder for many years but is now a full time artist.

His work is whimsical and very affordable. Go check him out on his website here.

Angie's favourite, The Proctologist, is not shown here because there were no pics sadly.

There are more pictures after the jump, just click "read more" after the dancers and enjoy!

Back Hoe
Antique tart cup skirt dancer

Flashlight Train Engine
Chiropractor - on a nut cracker!
Deer Hunter


Hammerhead tractor
Iron boat with duel padlock motors
Nutcracker Harley

Toaster Camper

Weber Grill

Dick Cooley


Tonya said...


Angie said...

There was so much to like about this art, but the fact that Mr. Cooley took the time to point out each piece and the clever elements to each one...that was the best :)

Frimmy said...

His pieces are very reasonably priced. I'd look at buying one for sure. Kind of cool you got the inside scoop too.


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