Doodling in Math Class - Vi Hart

I've bored you with fractals and Fibonacci numbers in the past and I'm determined you will love them as I love them and there WILL be joy "AND we'll burn your house to the ground".

Besides being adorable, she makes math FUN
Vi Hart is currently a mathemusician but in the not too distant past she made these videos about spirals and the laws they follow. She did it in a way that is easy to understand and funny. Please watch them, they'll make you go "wow!" and you will start seeing patterns in nature everywhere. (Also, there will be a pop quiz later) She has millions of views for her videos. You want to be one of those views. You will learn something.

Here is her website where she has all kinds of wonderful videos even if she doesn't update anymore.

Does this make sense to you? No? *coughswatchvideoscoughs*



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