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These pics are all over the internet right now and I'm happy to jump on the bandwagon and give a fellow Canadian a shout out. These are photos of fireworks taken by David Johnson in Ottawa during Spain's entry in the International Fireworks show. In his words, he accomplishes these images by using "a simple refocus during the long exposure". Simple for HIM maybe. 

This is David Johnson. Yes, I know.
I expected someone older as well. And less devilish.


This is David Johnson's website where you can find all kinds of other types of photos and this is his facebook page.

I once went to Canada's Wonderland to see one of the Symphony of Fire events. This is a show where music is synchronized with the fireworks. It was the night that Italy was performing and they had won the competition the year before. It was the most amazing and beautiful display of fireworks I have ever seen and it spoiled me for all other shows. Little shows in small towns don't even scratch the surface of what fireworks varieties are out there as you may have seen in London for the opening of the Olympic Games. But they're expensive and small towns can only do so much without over taxing their citizens so I enjoy them now because it's the thought that counts. But I've seen what's out there in the wild world of fireworks and I can't forget.



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