Halloween Humbug

Google Doodle for October 31, 2012
I'm not working today. Today is Halloween. I'm happy about it because some of my staff are dressing up and I don't want to be there frowning at them about it. I can't fake it when I don't like something and grown people dressing up for Halloween is one of those things.

I don't get the big deal about Halloween for adults. For kids? Sure, what isn't more perfect than bags of free candy and dressing up. I just see it as a kids celebration and can't really take it seriously beyond that. I don't mean parents decorating their houses for their kids either. I don't mean people who are going to be with kids, or working in a toy shop where kids will be or any grown up making an effort to give kids a thrill on the day.

I'm talking about adults actually taking part in Halloween without the kids. Adults going to the effort of dressing up for work and dress up parties make no sense to me and celebrities going all out just piss me off. I don't know why. Because they dress up and play someone else in real life as part of their job? They can't find anything better to do with their time than traipse around from one party to the next and Halloween dress up parties are just one in a series of parties that go on all year? Anyway I think it's just an excuse for women in general to dress slutty sluttier, at least if the costumes I've seen so far are any indication. I don't get why that's appealing.

The very funny girls at GoFugYourself have a gallery of pictures of cheesy celebrity costumes with appropriate and dead on comments about each one. Check that out here. I believe they feel as I do about the level of class exhibited by celebs.

Brainless and drunk. Congratulations you're an idiot
and you're dressed stupidly.
Unoriginal and drunk
Gag me
No imagination
Same old same old 
How many of the costumes had the garter thing going on?
Maybe one year she'll use that stupid amount of money she has and get a real costume instead of playing sexy pinup every year because seriously, she doesn't pull it off and it's beyond old.



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