iPhone Shopping

I have occasionally used my phone to phone someone.
Up until a few days ago I had an iPhone 3g. I didn't upgrade to the 4 or the 4S because I thought I'd wait for the iPhone 5 and the wonderland of delights it was expected to have. I don't know if you've heard, but it disappointed the critics who were all over themselves expecting innovation. Really, the iPhone 5 is just bigger than the previous version. My needs are simple. The extra row of icons is nice but worth several hundred dollars? No. LTE? Not available here. So, I bought an iPhone 4S for $80, lowered my monthly fees by $35 and I have an extra iPhone to use for taking pictures, games, music and an alarm clock. That's a whole lot of win.

Siri is interesting. At first she was disinclined to help me out with anything located in Canada. In the last day, she's acquired the understanding that there exists a country north of the US. She gives me my temperature in Fahrenheit but I'm old enough to remember temperatures on that scale so it's all good.

A phone that does my job for me would be innovation. Get on that, please


Tonya said...

I actually laughed out loud at the "spins straw into gold" app. That one was pretty subtle.

I don't understand or like Apple products. They're not my cup of tea, but those who have them seem to really enjoy them. I want a Galaxy.

Frimmy said...

Siri is working now. I don't know what the delay was but she's kind of fun. I asked her to set my alarm for 4;35am the other day and she did then she said: "Don't wake ME up!"

Tonya said...

HA! That's rather amusing!

Frimmy said...

Oh oh, is that your recent bout of social awkwardness showing? The all caps "HA" is throwing me off...


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