It's Cold - Hello? It's Canada!

It's time to act like a child about the cold weather

Every year when the weather turns cold I hear the same things over and over. "Its cold!" or "I can't believe winter's here" or "I hate the cold". I don't get it. These people can't really expect me to believe it's a surprise to them. They've lived here longer than I have and I'm not surprised. In fact, I expected it.

Every year around this time it get's cold. What's to get grumpy about? It's life. Can you change it? Then embrace it or find somewhere warmer to live where cold weather IS going to surprise you. Here in Canada we have seasons. We've always had them, and we will continue to have them. At least in our lifetime, global warming permitting.

So, slap some layers on and go out and greet the cold like the old friend it is.



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