Kevin Champeny - Unexpected Mosaics

Sweet Death, made with...
...hand cast resin...
...candy replicas
Kevin Champeny is based in New York and dedicates a staggering amount of time and energy into each piece he creates. He hand casts the items that will serve as the pixels which together with all the other pieces makes the whole picture.

For the piece below, What Remains, he explains:

I sculpted each original flower, then created silicone molds of the originals, then I cast them in color.  They are not painted in any way.  I cast them in various two part liquid resins.
These pieces take several months to design, sculpt, mold, and cast.  The construction process is a painstaking adventure of careful placement and gluing (super super-glue), that can take up to a month to complete.” 

More pics after the jump. Enjoy!

What Remains, made with...
...hand cast resin flowers
Coral Blend
Flag, made out of...
...toy soldiers
Ice Lamp, made out of...
hand cast soft rubber 'shards of glass'
A Rose by Any Other Name, made with...
...hand cast resin candy replicas
Self Portrait, made with...
...hand cast resin fish
Gummy Chandolier
Another Gummy Chandolier
Kevin Champeny
Here is his blog with more pictures.



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