More Photorealism - Diago Fazio

Diago on the left the models from the first two drawings above
Diago Fazio is a 23 year old from Italy with no formal training in the arts. His pencil drawings are amazingly realistic and you know how I like that. It's more of a fascination, really. Or an overwhelming awe that someone can represent on paper so exactly what he sees in real life. Even things that are dynamic, like flowing water, as you'll see below.

He is only just starting out so you will see his images improve and refine with time


Some detractors believe this is a scam perpetrated upon us by a faker. So I've included a few examples of his work while they're in progress.

This is the girl under the flowing water at the top of the post
 and his work in progress below

It is a wondrous and magical thing to me how artists accomplish this. I can know precisely what I want to draw in my head but there's some kind of short circuit between the picture in my head and my hand holding the pencil. I was not gifted with the ability to recreate things on paper freehand. Now, drafting, with rulers and set squares is my field but it's all linear and corners and, well, floor plans as opposed to faces and flowing water.

This is where you can find Diago's blog (it's in Italian), this is his deviantART page and this is his facebook page. Check out his facebook page for sure, he has a lot more of his art and photos of the work in progress.



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