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Back in June I posted about Tiny Homes. Since that time that page has had 800 visitors mostly all of them from Pinterest accounts. So, welcome Pinterest people. Tiny houses have become a popular concept as our population continues to grow and our planet does not. There are only so many resources available to us, shouldn't we share it around? Recycle it? Reuse it?

I don't know about you but I have come to view large homes as distasteful especially when they are inhabited by a single person, couple or a tiny family. It is my opinion that if I'm not utilizing a large section of space in my home then it is superfluous, is it not? It seems selfish and wasteful to maintain a home with so much unused space when so many are in need.

Why do people need huge homes to begin with? What purpose does it serve them besides bolstering an insecure personality? I'm not talking about homes filled with families requiring space, or even homes larger than what I would need. I don't require people to be over crowded for me to view them with respect. I'm talking about this:

Aaron Spelling's home
Rod Stewart's home
Seems a bit much to me. The ex-Cruise's have several huge homes, ridiculously huge actually, but we all know he's all about compensating, isn't he. Is that what it's about? I don't know.

How much space does one person need really? Or two people. If your living area is efficient and organized, how much room would be adequate? Personally, I like the idea of everything being in arms reach. What space I don't take up with a home, I can put into a yard and outside area extends the living space in good weather. In cold weather you want cozy, don't you?

The following homes I found on Tumbleweed Houses a site showcasing small living spaces. Each have plans available for less than $1000 US. I included a link to the house under each photo.

The Sabastarosa
The B53

The Loring
The Bogeda
Another website featuring small living spaces is Tiny House Blog where they have a gallery of designs as cute as a bug's ear.

This is an actual converted farmhouse in Denver built in 1916 and belonging to Melissa Check out the rest of the pictures. This house is awesome!

Here is a set of pictures from Tiny Texas Houses. This is a beautiful house that is 12 X 30 and has only been sitting on the property for a month. Imagine it when some landscaping has been finished!

Main bedroom/sitting area

Loft bedroom 

Here are some other tiny homes from around the internet.

Oceanside Retreat
Oceanside Retreat
Oceanside Retreat interior
Oceanside retreat interior
I love the stone 'tumbling' out of the shower 
This is someone's office
On an island of the coast of Scotland. Want.

Vancouver, BC

The following images are from Portland Garden Cottages

I love the tin can recycling on the side of the house


Angie said...

I could easily live in the B53, which seems to be the largest tiny home they have, but still...I would love it!

Anonymous said...

ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again

Frimmy said...

It's adorable. I loved that one and the Loring which look the same but they have different floor plans. The blue Sabastrarosa is their largest floor plan.

I loved the one by Tiny Texas Homes too. The inside is amazing.

Angie said...

It really was, but can you imagine trying to bake in that little kitchen? That would be the drawback to a tiny home...if you like to cook.

Frimmy said...

Bing is from the devil, everyone knows that. I call bullshit.


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