Pic Dump

More pics after the jump
Systems normal...

The only thing worth doing with a watermelon

I love this movie

270,000 white lego bricks

Normal beer in Andre the Giant's hand
(while he was alive...I know how you people think)
Taking a pic of oneself with planet earth in the background must be epically awesome
What series of events lead to this sign, I wonder?


Yep. You're welcome.
I'm not seeing the point here

All three vehicles are exactly the same size

And from the "please take my money" department:

iPad etch-a-sketch case
Mini Batman Signal light

Portal 2 cookie cutters. It will be hard to overstate your satisfaction.
Mini Wooden catapult and trebuchet for your desk!
Colour changing chameleon lamp
Tentacle doorstop
Batman raincoat complete with cape!!!
Me to the Lad: If you were little I would totally get this for you!
Lad: I would totally wear it!!!
Construction equipment eating utensils
They need a steam roller for the peas



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