Picture Dump

Four waterspouts in the Mediterranean near Cyprus

Drying hot chilies in India
Candy Corn on the cob 
Emperor Tamarin looks like something from Dr. Seuss

Birds at sea routinely find a ship and enjoy sanctuary
when caught in a hurricane. This photo is c1926

Able bodied soldier helping a disabled soldier at the shooting range 
OMG ew, close your lips. Sheesh.

Yeah that's how stupid you look

This is what happens right before you're struck by lightening
Those are cliffs made from fallen hail

Humans attacked by gorilla in 3...2...1
Seriously, have you ever stood at the gorilla enclosure
at the zoo with your back to the alpha? Don't do it.
Don't even try to tell me that's dolphin

I could not go to one of these shows and
not make fun of the designer.
That's why they stopped inviting me

[photo mmarsupilami]
Where the Great Wall of China meets the sea
Mount Ranier casting a shadow

[photo: Ireena Worthy]
Irish Castle
From another view

It's what you can't see that scares me the most

Perseids, Snowy Range, Wyoming [photo: David Kingham]

You wear them then, asshole


Unknown said...

Ok my husband just said that he's seen Mt. Rainier do that cast shadow at sunrise. He says that it should be around this time of the year and if you want to take a photo you better pull over right then.


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