Picture Dump

This is photoshopped. It is not real. That hat is all wrong with that dress.
She's from France she would know that.
Shhhyeah! Pandas are bears.
Where is the "slide to become invisible"?

Spotted (lower back), loner, grumpy zebra
The Jellies by Kei Acedera

Walking Dead carved pumpkins

How about...no? Why would I do this?
I feel better now, thanks

Amish Bundle bed

Is this true? I did not know this!

You know what's easier? A bowl. Then I don't have to look for
push pins, scissors or empty toilet paper rolls.
You want to know why I can't find empty toilet paper rolls?
Because of this:

The latest installment of the Lad's toilet paper pranking series.
Found at 4:36 am. Day: made
I saw this on the Dirty Disher. They're beautiful. Check out a story about them here
Umbuku lizard. Real although genetically modified to have wings.
Read about him here. He's number six on the list.

Echidna puggle
(That's Aussie for: baby spiney anteater)
Check out more pics and a video here
I'm going to try this and let you know if it works

That's a whole lotta feathers and not much chicken

I do this all the time! I thought everyone did

Spirit bear from the Haida Gwaii Islands off BC's coast
I call BS
I've posted this one before and I still can't believe the recursive details
Hilter smiling is way creepier than plain evil Hitler
This cat actually looks like it's laughing
I have no life


iambriezy said...

That exit sign thing? Brilliant! Mind blown.


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