Psst...Mr. Walken...?

[photo: Mark Seliger]
I have a friend who jokes around that Christopher Walken is her real dad. Her biological dad is lacking in most human qualities and so it pleases her to pretend. If his choice of roles is any indication of his personality, and how can we really know these things, then I think they do share a lot of personality traits.

In the off chance that he has his name on google alerts, and what celebrity who isn't Kim Kardashian doesn't?, I have a favour to ask of him. I can't repay it. I have nothing to compel him. I just think he should know that the daughter he never had, who is normally a vivacious, red-headed, green eyed human, tornado and who is trying to be a sociologist, is suffering from depression. (And it's not me although I fit that description except for the sociologist and depression part)

Can you send her some positive vibes? She's had a rough year and it's almost over and she's fallen down and skinned her knees in the home stretch and nothing gives her joy anymore and it's very sad. I don't know what else to do for her except appeal to the father she jokingly chooses to believe is hers. So yeah, email me for her number.


Tonya said...

How did I miss this? This must have been written when I was in my dark funk.

Thank you. This means so much to me.

Frimmy said...

Meh, he's busy doing promotional work for his new movie with Sam Rockwell and Colin Farrell. I'm sure my request has just fallen through the cracks briefly.

Tonya said...

Surely he will come. I will just wait for him in front of this sepia-tinted window...


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