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Si Scott is a full-time artist, designer and creative consultant based in the UK and that's pretty much all I've been able to discover although there is a little interview here where you can gain some insight into the artist.

His work reminds me of art by the Haida, a subject I've been wanting to post about for some time now. You'll recognize Haida art because you've seen totem poles, no doubt.

Thunderbird House Totem, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC
top to bottom: thunderbird, grizzly bear holding a human
[photo: Fotoeins Fotopress]
In Haida art, animals are represented as highly symbolic and stylized versions of the real thing as opposed to realistic renderings. Their details are filled in with patterns and designs as noted in the outstretched thunderbird wings above and the eagle below. Interestingly if I were to get a tattoo, a Haida design is what I have been wanting and specifically a chameleon but Haida art does not include chameleons because they are not native to the west coast. So it was interesting to see Scott's chameleon above, and I love it, but I don't think it could be reproduced very well in tattoo form.

'Eagle' by  Todd Jason Baker
This is where I find the similarity in Si Scott's drawings. I love how he captures so amazingly well, the creatures he illustrates without reproducing their individual characteristics except for a few details. The birds do not actually have their feathers rendered, for example. The fish is a jumble of swirls. The insects are from a different series and are drawn with more anatomical detail but are still just a jumble of filigree swirls within an outline.

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I LOVE this dragonfly

This is Si Scott's website.


In comments Jenny C thought the seahorse would make a really good tattoo. I agree and so do several others as I found several examples of tattoos using Si Scott's designs. Here ya go Jenny:

I think they work well as a tattoo but you'd have to find someone who can reproduce the fine detail that defines what Si Scott does. I think if you and the artist are willing to take the time it would be amazing.


Unknown said...

Just wondering if i could use the tribal seahorse for a tattoo? It's beautiful!

Frimmy said...

Most of these would make beautiful tattoos, and the seahorse is really nice I agree. The images all belong to Si Scott so if permission is needed for such a thing I can't give it. However if I were an artist, I couldn't imagine a greater compliment than someone liking my work so much they would permanently adorn their body with my design.


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