Black Watch Tartan

Look at that! No, not the people, this:

It's my favourite tartan - Black Watch

This tartan belongs to the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland and is an infantry battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. It is also the tartan for the Campbell clan. I didn't know that until five minutes ago and it's interesting because the Campbell's are a clan I can claim on my paternal mother's side.

But meh, I've always loved the combination of dark blue and dark green so it's my favourite because of that.

This is what the uniform looked like way back when

And this is now
Why are they called the Black Watch? There are several ideas about that.

The government issue tartan they were required to wear was dark and may have contributed to the name they were given locally, but it is also possible that the name was given by those who claimed its recruits had "black hearts" for siding with the "enemies of true Highland spirit", or that it derived from their original duty in policing the Highlands, namely preventing 'blackmail' (Highlanders demanding extortion payments to spare cattle herds). [wiki]

It is interesting to note that the Battalion is currently based at Khandhar. Or was at the time Wiki contributor wrote that.

I wanted to do a whole post about tartans but it won't be happening tonight. 


iambriezy said...

...And now I know what a tartan is. Not surprised at all that you have a favorite :)

Angie said...

I love anything Scottish and I love the Black Watch in particular, for the same reasons you've stated. I made a dress for my oldest daughter from that very material...very fetching :)


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