Frank Kunert - Photographs of Small Worlds

Frank Kunert labours to create scenarios that are just a little bit off kilter. He creates these scenes as a means to an end and the 'end' are his large format analog photographs of these sculptures.

From his info page on his web site:

Kunert's art has often been rightfully compared to the poems of Robert Gernhardt. Kunert's "Small Worlds" are equally funny, whimsical, grotesque, and pensive musings, and they are also provocative and critical. It is left up to the viewers to decide if they find the works morbid, or simply funny; if they want to truly see the deeper level of what the stories are telling them, and if they might even dare to elaborate on them. - Dr. Christine Donat

I've seen this photo on various 'fail' lists,
posted because the author believed this was real.

Diesel Piano

Crowd Pleaser

Hope is Green

Hotel Bellevue

He works to get every last detail perfect and to scale all with the goal of creating a scupture that is not quite right. The irony is half the fun.

Mange a deux


Public Function

Tennis Half Pipe

It's hard to get any context when there's nothing around it so I also found photos of him in the middle of creating his scenarios.

Near the Autobahn, where "near" means on top of the autobahn

Frank goes around taking photos of buildings, but not like the rest of us do. He captures the decrepit and run down to replicate in his studio.

An attic apartment

Salvation - A church with a toll entrance
Snow is salz

Apartment With Balcony

Comes with a Balcony work in progress

Hansel & Gretel Are Full
I promise I'll try and post something about abstract art one of these days. Maybe.


Angie said...

A church with a toll entrance...brilliant.

Frimmy said...

I know right? I know he's trying to say something with all of his sculptures but that one was the only one I liked the most. Everything else was cool because I like miniature stuff.


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