How to Read a Book


iambriezy said...

YES you should sniff your book! That made me laugh.

Frimmy said...

First thing I do when I get a book is smell the pages. I love books.

Angie said...

I love the smell of a new book. It's the one thing I miss, now that I have a Kindle, but the quick touch look up feature makes up for it. How many times have you run across a word that you aren't quite sure of the meaning? One touch and VOILA! You have the definition :)

Anonymous said...

I could never leave "paper" books. Something about having them in your hands and turning pages, and folding over corners to mark your spot.


**Frimmy I also have a on earth are your tiny houses top viewed one AND two?

Post some kardashian shit or something - that will bring in the traffic!!!!

Frimmy said...

I have two different settings for the "top viewed widget". Most popular in the last seven days and most popular in the last 30. The idea was to get two different thumbnails up there thinking that two different posts would qualify because I was tired of seeing Tiny Homes up there. But no. Tiny Homes is the winner of both now by more hits than I care to count. It's the pinterest people sharing the photos and link.


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