Spammers Are Ironic? And Other News

I've had over 45 views on my spam post entitled I Had to Share This and over twenty comments on this post by spammers. Are they attracted by the word "spam"? Are they confining their spam comments to this post because it's about spam? How can I use this to my advantage?

If you're posting as anonymous on my blog, your comment is going to get flagged and held in the green room - so to speak - until it's approved by my council me. If you've embedded a link we pretty much assume you're a spammer and it gets flagged as such. Meaning it ends up in the spam folder. 

Each day I sift through the thousands few comments in the various folders (I have separate folders for Tom Hiddleston and Robert Taylor for when they accept my offer of marriage) to decide if a comment is really spam or not if they've written it English which, let me tell you, is not often often not the case. So far it's all been spam. At least what is written in English. Chinese and Russian posts I don't bother translating.

Sometimes someone will comment on a post from the past. That comment is held for moderation and doesn't show up right away. If I'm at home and getting my emails I approve it immediately, if I'm at work it has to wait for publication. But please know that all comments are important to us so make your comment and we'll make sure it gets published. 

Let's see...what else...I'm still having tendonitis issues and typing is slow work at the moment as you can see by the lack of new posts. I guess I'm apologizing for that. Usually I sail along typing my thoughts as they occur to me and don't even think about the keys I'm hitting, but I have good news on that subject. We managers have been given a shift rotation that no longer includes stretches of seven and ten days in a row. We work five straight. We still work nine-hour days, minimum, but if I know it's not going to be a marathon I can endure that. This should give my wrists and thumbs a break although this week I have one day off. I dunno about you but that is not enough time to recuperate. Still, next weekend I have Sunday/Monday off and that includes Remembrance Day and all the festivities that go along with that day. Also, the Lad has those same two days off so we can DO SOMETHING! It doesn't matter what. Anything. I kind of miss him. Maybe we'll make a scratchy cardboard thing for the cat. It's an idea I got from my friend over on her blog.

To normal work weeks! *tips a scotch*

For now, I'm going down to the man cave to watch the Lad play Fallout. He invited me to watch him "be amazing". He was joking, but it was an invititation from a sixteen year old kid to his mom and we moms should never take that kind of thing lightly.


Frimmy said...

What's with the green underlined "to be"?

Frimmy said...

Hey, it's me. Turns out it wasn't tendonitis I was dealing with. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Seems I have both genetic markers for it. Or that's what I thought I heard through the haze in my brain. My issues got do bad I couldn't do anything for myself. I left the job I had because I convinced an HR team to let me into their manager training program so my employment took an upswing the same day I got diagnosed. Yada yada, two years later I'm back to normal function thanks to several needs and well into my career in banking. That felt good to say. Cheers!


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