Stacey Lee Webber - Recycled Coin Art

Stacey Lee Webber uses coins as her medium for sculpting everyday objects. The following photos are from her "Craftsman" and "God Bless America" series with some of her jewellery pieces thrown in. 

Based in Philadelphia  she comes from a long line of hard working labourers so their tools of the trade have cherished significance to her. She says in her bio:

Through technique my artwork manipulates materials that evoke American iconography, working-class heroes, and national pride.  My objects are celebrations of American families and the blue-collar work ethic that binds the heart of the United States.

Dimes and quarters [photo: Larry Sanders]

Pennies [photo: Tom McInvaille]

Pennies [photo: Joseph Laroux]

Pennies [photo: Joseph Laroux]

Pennies [photo: Joseph Laroux]

Pennies [photo: Tom McInvaille]

Dimes [photo: Tom McInvaille]

Quarters [photo: Tom McInvaille]

Brass screws [photo: Joseph Laroux]

Not pennies with spurious crowns [photo: Tom McInvaille]

Not pennies [photo: Tom McInvaille]

Ball Chain, pennies [photo: Tom McInvaille]

Pennies [photo: Tom McInvaille]

Pennies, of course [photo: Tom McInvaille]

Pennies...sigh...clearly they're pennies
[photo: Tom McInvaille]

Ditto [photo: Tom McInvaille]

More pennies [photo: Tom McInvaille]
Not pennies [photo: Tom McInvaille]

Stacey Lee Webber

She adds:

Imagine a copper penny lying on a sewer grate. On that stamped coin there are dents, scratches, a dull patina, and a worn down Abraham Lincoln. Each of these inconsistencies is evidence that it has been passed through the hands of countless people. When that penny is picked up and used in a sculpture the new object is layered with rich stories of struggle and triumph. Through material, I strive to make artwork that interests a broad range of viewers and enriches American life.

Looking at it that way, one begins to imagine each coin having the weight of a thousand people and their stories as it passed through their hands to end up in a sculpture.

This is Stacey Lee Webber's web site. Go have a look.



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