Ugly Shoes

One of the blogs I check out semi-regularly is Go Fug Yourself. Not so much because of the celebrity fashion but because they showcase really ugly outfits and critique them in a way that makes me laugh out loud. Like this for example:

The girls aptly said:

"These are literally the ugliest shoes that ever happened. They look like someone took the prop mouth from a denture cream ad and strapped them to her feet." - GoFugYourself

Next is the debacle that is Kristen Stewart's jumpsuit. An item of fashion that particularly enrages the fug girls. They don't like hot pants either. Or leggings as pants. I think they don't much like pants.

"And the back. Dear God, the back. It's like if Liza Minnelli gave birth to a pair of chaps on opposite day. And then came over and slapped me in the face." Go Fug Yourself

Here is the front (because you'll be curious now if you haven't already seen it):

I'm not sure which side is worse but they said:

"Her torso has a lace-face and LACE FACE IS ANGRY.
But I actually will happily take the nipple shields if given a choice between them and what appears to be a giant sequined crotch oval and a half-hidden quarter moon of her navel." Go Fug Yourself
Not sure I'm seeing what they're seeing but I do agree it's ugly. They have also observed that she seems sad while doing press for this movie. She seems comfortable with her costars but sad somehow.

They refer to my girl Tilda as simply: SWINTON. All caps and surname only. Because Tilda is unapologetic about her fashion choices and is a fashion law unto herself. I like that about her. Her name has become a description. As in SWINTONly SWINTONed.

"It’s a sleek planet indeed whose alien beings hatch out of lapels." - Go Fug Yourself

See...I can't stand fashion normally but they make it tolerable.



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