Amazing Wood Sculptures - Sergey Bobkov

If you have been here a few times you know I love specific kinds of art. I have a weakness for realism in art because it's so far beyond anything I could ever do that it fills me with awe and I'm awed because this kind of painting here below...

Abstract by Michel Keck

...well, even I can do that. Big deal. An elephant can do that. Even a five year old can do that and the only difference between me and her is a set of indulgent parents and a slick marketing campaign that can sell her impressionist abstract pieces for $30,000 dollars a pop.

A lot of times I show things that masquerade as something else. Often it will be a pen or pencil drawing that appear to be a photograph. Or paintings and sculptures that are actually made with spices and sugar. Or what looks to be images of decrepit shacks but are actually tiny perfectly reproduced miniatures. These are all fascinating to me because there is NO way I could reproduce them myself.

Sometimes I think I've seen everything and meander around the internet all jaded and moody and then suddenly I stumble upon something kind of amazing. Today I'm going to feature sculptures that are obviously sculptures and almost obviously made of wood but are still amazing because of the way in which the medium is manipulated.

Sergey Bobkov sculpts with wood shavings. He is a 55 year old secondary school teacher in Russia. He uses ceder and pine and a patented wood chip technique to create the textures he needs to reproduce fur and feathers. All of his subjects are native to Siberia. The 15 pieces completed thus far - some of them taking six months of 10-14 hours days - were created for a school exhibition in Kozhany in southwest Krasnoyarsk where he lives.

You know I always try to link back to an artist's website but this gentleman does not seem to have one. If that changes I will update.

His sculptures are not for sale and he's turned down more than $17,000 for his Eagle, crazy eh? You know what else would be amazing about his sculptures? I just know they smell wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous..but one of my first thoughts "impossible to dust" ... says a lot about me, don't you think?



Angie said...

These are amazing! I love owls.

Frimmy said...

Owls are natures stealth bombers.

Ann, I probably wouldn't want one of these sculptures because of the dusting challenge.


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