I'm calling in sick for the blog. I have the entire week off and what normally happens when I have a stretch of days off is I get sick. Better than calling in sick to work I guess. 

Over the last few days I have tried to compose several different posts - one on the process of embalming which I thought was fascinating in the beginning - but I just don't have the motivation to finish them. I lose steam midway through and then wonder why the subject appealed to me in the first place. I've tried looking for inspiration in all my usual places but there is nothing going on out there that even comes close to firin' mah laser.

I'm supposed to be making spring rolls with the Lad this week and haven't done it yet. Today I bought Sriracha sauce for them. We will get to it.

Anyway that's why it's been kind of dead here. If you need me I'll be cocooned in a blanket, drinking Neo-Citran and watching the Lad play Rage.


Anonymous said...

Neo-Citrin is magic. Hope your feeling better soon.



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