Bliss by Charles O'Rear

If you've ever used Microsoft Windows XP (released in 2001) this image will be familiar to you. If you're like me, and you gave it any thought whatsoever before changing to your favourite desktop wallpaper, you assumed it was a digital image.

Not so. The photograph above was taken by Charles O'Rear in 1996. He was driving on highway 101 through Sonoma County, California when he pulled over and took the picture. 

The image is known as "Bliss" and Microsoft bought it from O'Rear for an undisclosed sum. He can't say how much, he's bound by contract, but he does say that it was one of the largest amounts paid to a photographer at the time.

This is the actual location. The hill is now planted with grape vines.

Since we're talking about desktop wallpapers, these are the two backgrounds I alternate between. Common denominator is they're dark. I keep a minimum of icons, all tiny and arranged along one side. If Beaker is on I might stick an icon right at the point where he's looking because I'm a wild rogue that way. ANYway, uncluttered desk/room encourages an uncluttered mind. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Beaker is horrified at the number of fruit flies the monitor attracts

I want to know where the little suckers are being generated
so I can terminate them at the source.



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