Keeping Christ in Christmas Myth, Part I

I know a lot of Christians who are lovely people who are quietly faithful to their beliefs and who try to apply their beliefs to their own actions in everyday life. This is not about them.

I've been seeing these everywhere lately. Thanks for the laughs!

I feel "Christian" has become a generalization made about all people who profess a belief in Christ. It has become a negative label in some circles just as "Muslim" has become a label for religious terrorism. From now on I'm going to call the judgmental  hell & damnation Christian sector: "Christoholics".

Dear Christoholics:

Christ was never in the celebration of Christmas. First century Christians did not celebrate it, just as they never taught or believed in the teaching of the trinity, the everlasting virgin Mary (Dear Cathoholics, Mary went on to have several children all of them generated by the act of sexual intercourse with Joseph. Deal with it), or the fires of hell. The Christian pilgrims did not celebrate Christmas. 

Christoholics rationalize and justify their beliefs as the only true set of religious standards when they have stolen, bastardized, apostatized, pasteurized and absorbed almost all of their teachings from other non-Christian religions, pagan religions or philosophies, the very religions and beliefs (except the beliefs they adopted) they condemn to hell. 

Christians try to balance their beliefs with their everyday life and apply their personal understanding of the bible and Christ's teachings to themselves. Christoholics apply all their shit to others and then have the presumptuousness to tell unbelievers they're going to hell all the while doing whatever the hell they want in the name of their idol.

We're going to hell? Fat chance you pompous, self-righteous ignoramuses.  While you puff yourselves up with the complacent belief that you are right and everyone else is going to hell, we all - and I mean all of the rest of us who aren't you - sit back, comfortable, knowing that your god has labeled you as Pharisaical by the standards of your own holy book. White-washed graves full of dead man's bones. It's totally a kick. I thank you for all the laughs I've had at your expense this last year. Party on.


iambriezy said...

Perfectly said.

Angie said...


Monica said...

If you are quietly faithful to your own Christian beliefs without caring about the actions of others, you're doing the whole Christianity thing wrong, never mind the Christmas thing. See mark 16:15 and acts 1:8

Frimmy said...


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