Histology Cake Plates

Emily Evans has designed and created an amazing set of bone china cake plates which I saw on a web site I visit frequently. But first, let's have a look.

Histology...histology...sounds vaguely medical...doesn't it?

Histology: The study of the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues where tissue sections are stained and examined under a microscope.

All of these plates have been created using the pattern of specific human tissues, sliced and stained, viewed under a microscope and captured in an image and fired onto bone china.

Emily explains on her website here:

My colleague at Cambridge University, Michelle Spear, Clinical Anatomist (originally a Histologist) provided the original images for these plates. She prepared slides of various human tissues, stained and scanned them for me for this project. I then worked with fantastic ceramic artist Emma Smith to make the plates.
The plates are 20cm diameter bone china cake plates, available in 8 different human tissue designs: Thyroid, Bone, bowel, Kidney, Liver, Oesophagus, Pancreas, Testicle. [plates pictured in order of this list]

Oesophagus? We say esophagus, silly! But no matter. Doesn't this sound  mmm mmm delicious!? I think plates like these should be paired with appropriate accoutrements. Such as:

This door knocker to greet guests
This wine opener

This cutlery set

Actually, I found the choice of dye and the resulting pattern to be very beautiful. I just wish I didn't know the origin of the design. It kind of weirds me out.

Emily is a medical illustrator. She also has a blog where she posts interesting images and artwork relating to human physiology and art. Like printed messages using human blood. Not her work, but the work of others. Still...a wee bit macabre for me and I'm not that squeamish.

What kind of cake would you serve on a histology plate? How about Dump Cake? Or how about these delights:

Cross section of lung cake

Severed ear cookies

Skinless head cake

Intracardiac injection cupcake

Anatomical Venus in white chocolate

All the above cakes are genuinely edible and made by a UK Bakery called Eat Your Heart Out where their designers have a finely tuned a sense of the bizarre along with pastry skills. Check out their other designs here.


Noelle said...

Kind of gross. Mostly fascinating. The cake plates are actually unique and cool looking. Odd to go to the trouble.

iambriezy said...

Of COURSE I liked the testicle plate the best! Can't ever get enough of the testes...


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