I'm Not a Look-alike! - François Brunelle

François Brunelle is a photographer who searches for people who look alike but are not related. He's looking for you if you know of someone who looks like you. Do you have an unrelated twin out there somewhere? I do. This is his website here and here and here is a selection of some of his work from his I'm Not a Look-alike series. Not all of them look exactly alike but I think all of them look like they're very definitely related.

I thought the poses were strangely intimate but then I realized all the pairs probably know each other.

From the Amber Archive web site:

François Brunelle was born in Sherbrooke, Québec in 1950. He has always been fascinated by the the human face and has been focusing on it since he started being a photographer at age 18. 

François Brunelle is one of the participants in the Amber Archive. It is an art project, conceived by John Paul Robinson. It is best described as reverse archaeology in that a variety of participants submit an example of their work for preservation and buriel in a time capsule and left for someone to find in the future for the purpose of communicating our existence.

Each year artists, designers and scientists submit their works to be included in the archive. Their work is fired onto ceramic discs and then encased in pine resin and sealed in the Amber Time Capsules with the idea that over time this resin will fossilize into amber and preserve the discs forever. 

The capsules are buried in a secret location in a place that is conducive to the process of fossilization and left for time and geology to decide their fate.

It's an interesting concept but I don't know how I feel about projects in which we will never see their completion.

This is the photo the Brunelle submitted to be fired onto a disc
 for the time capsule

François Brunelle

Here is the website for the Amber Archive if you want to check out the other participants and their submissions.



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