Michael Grab's Gravity Glue Rock Sculptures

This was fascinating for me to check out. Michael Grab is an artist who uses gravity to create sculptures with rocks, pebbles and stones in their natural landscape. Here is his website, Gravity Glue where you can see his blog and the latest creation. He also has an archive which I've linked to above. Here is his facebook page.

Balancing rocks is as old as humans. The people of the Arctic balanced rocks to create inuksuks to mark a cache of food, weapons or to create an important navigation landmark in an otherwise barren landscape.

Michael Grab's sculptures are created in places that are calming and even the act of creating them has a certain serenity to it.

Why does he do it? Here is his explanation:

An important part of why I enjoy playing with rocks is that it naturally encourages “play”. Many of the more surreal looking balances result from playing and experimenting with various points of contact. With experience has also come intuition for what sizes and shapes of rocks I choose to combine. One of the elements I like to incorporate into most balances is a sense of tension through surrealism. More tension usually challenges my ability further, and is often more contemplative to realize, for me at least. I love making these things sooo much! ha. :D
Here is a video of him creating one of his sculptures.


Noelle said...

This post makes me nervous. yeah.

iambriezy said...

I bet that guy doesn't have blood pressure issues. Loved this post!


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