Picture Dump

King of Hearts by Jeff Gagliardi

Row, row, row your goat...sorry

That is the exact look the Lad got on his face when he was
wielding his knight shield and sword when he was this age.

Cast of Star Trek: Next Generation
Man proposes to woman, Picard facepalms

A Sergei Posad church, Russia
 Photo: Corbis

I don't get it...

Actual tree looking like a dancer

Optical illusion cow. Not sure if this is 'shopped

I want this door knocker

At what age do I have to relinquish my cool shoes and wear old
lady shoes. There must be a rule because the Queen
can afford any shoes she wants but still wears old lady shoes.

They're not stoned stoned...but I love 'em anyway!

Me and the Lad's reaction when we saw the tattoos in the picture above this one

OctopoЖho Crossing!!

oo you can manipulate photos! So what?

The one on the left is made of paper and looks like a person
but not the person on the right.

Real rabbit
Smart dog

Painting of a crowd in an art museum populated by masterpieces is
 by Hiro Yamagata

1960's Girl Scout has a Bieber

Pencil drawing by Matthew Leader

THIS is why I hate buying shampoo.

Chicken nuggets with honey!!!

Wait...number 74 looks like she has two mouths.

Ain't she somethin' else?!



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