Picture Dump

Seems hard to believe

Hobbes and Calvin

Geek graffiti formula =


Painting by Michael Zavros

Politician's skelly.
Except someone pointed out it has a spine.


Pinhead shark

U R a idiot

When a deer needs a haircut...

That's right little macaques or whatever you are. You'll start to feel 'warm' soon...


Wearing your cone like a sir

WTF happened to Goldie Hawn's face?


Angie said...

So. Much. Goodness.

I wish I could comment individually, but I'll settle for the one perfect win...Oh SJP, you truly ARE a horse face.

Anonymous said...

Oh Goldie Hawn...what HAS happened? Kurt needs to leave her freaky looking ass and come to Meeeeeeeeeeeeee...!



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