Picture Dump

Pair of Jokers

*Slow clap*

There are days when I'm ashamed to be female

I don't know what's worse, that she was astounded to find a
hat stranded in a tree or that if the owner doesn't claim it
 she's going to kill it. She couldn't find it a new home?
Or adopt it herself?

No, not a false alarm. Actual zombies.
Have I not been saying this all along? Anyone who knows me? Back me up here.

At first I was "Who is this idiot skank?" Then I saw the slave band and the only pair of shoes she ever wears...


Clearly the work of graffiti replicators.

So this is cool, they've created their own gym. Looks like they're in great shape.
Is it me or does the guy on the right look like he's been stretching his arms too much?

Frost flowers in the Arctic. 

Harlequin shrimp

Well done, lad.

OMG! I am so qualified to teach in N. Korea!!
I knew my special skill set would be useful somewhere in the world!

Whereas I believe that it is only when something is pickled
that it is worth eating.
Cabbage, beans, cauliflower, hot peppers...things I normally pass on

This in here again because I saw for the first time how much
William looks like a young Prince Philip

Pygmy seahorse



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