Prank Call Results in Possible Suicide

Perhaps you've heard about the British nurse, Jacintha Saldanha who transferred a call from two Aussie DJ's to the hospital room of Kate Middleton while she was being treated for morning sickness. The nurse has been found dead, on the street, not far from the hospital where she worked. At the time I write this it is the prevailing thought that she took her life. We have not been made aware of all the details yet.

2DayFM DJ, Mel Grieg
and Michael Christian

There has been a flood of messages calling for the heads of the two DJ's behind he prank call. In the opinion of many they are responsible for her death. The comment section of these stories are inflamed with passionate opinions accusing these two of having blood on their hands and trolls provoking rage with insensitive responses. People are outraged on both sides of the story.

I am not taking a stand on any side because I don't think we have all the information. Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of these bits. I don't think trying to get a laugh at the expense of others by tricking them with elaborate set ups is funny. But are the pranksters in this story responsible for her death? They're guilty of bad judgement and I think their actions are definitely linked forever with what Nurse Saldanha chose to do. I hope these two are sobered by what has resulted from their actions. I hope maybe people will learn something from this. I just can't take that step and accuse them of having blood on their hands.

People are pranked all the time and choose not to take their lives. I have to believe other factors in the life of this woman contributed to the drastic step she took to cope with her situation. We don't know how the hospital dealt with her after discovering she transferred the call. Did they threaten her because she involved their hospital in a practical joke involving the royals in their care? If they did, do they have blood on their hands too? 

I work for a huge chain and no manager, owner or employee is allowed to speak with anyone in the media about anything happening in our stores. We have people who take care of things like that and who are appointed to speak on behalf of the franchise for the protection of the brand. You can't tell me that this hospital had no such protocol in place especially when dealing with royals. And anyway, she only transferred the call, it was the answering nurse who updated the impostors on the Princess's (?) state of health. Transferring the call compared to giving out information about a royal is NOTHING! Was the nurse who updated the 'Queen' and 'Prince Philip' appointed to speak with royal family members inquiring about the status of Kate Middleton? Wouldn't both the royal family and the hospital have 'people' who do that for them? Don't even start with me about a conspiracy theory that the death of Nurse Saldanha was royal retribution. If that was the case, the nurse up on the princesss's floor would be dead too.

When you work to prank people, you do it knowing there could be a seriously horrible result and you have to accept that going in. Does anyone stop to consider how they would feel if their victim killed themselves over it? I doubt it. They're too focused on getting the laugh, or humiliating a target and not considering how long you live with regret. Because you live a long, long time with regret.

Nurse Saldanha, if she did commit suicide, reacted to a situation in the most extreme way possible. We don't know what her home life was like, we don't know what she was dealing with on a personal level but if she killed herself, she made that choice by herself and left two teenagers without a mother. That is the tragedy here.


Anonymous said...

My regular morning new station repeated this idiotic prank no less than 5 times around 8:00 am the day it happened. I hate these "non-news" stories and changed the channel. I never heard the recorded prank.

I blame the 24 hour news channel environment and the non-news fillers that get amplified into something much more than warranted.

I also do not care for these morning show formats - however I must be in the minority as most stations have them.

We need - as a society - get away from the worldwide humiliation for laughs mentality. How many childhood moments posted to youtube etc are going to come back to bite someone in the ass. Or filming and posting solely for the purpose of humiliation and cheap laughs? Is anyone getting permission from the targeted party before posting? I doubt it.

Sorry - rant over. I just can't stand this stuff and here is the most extreme response to same. I am absolutely sickened for her family. But I don't have much hope things will change.

Sorry....rant over.


Frimmy said...

Yes I totally agree.

We seem to have become a culture addicted to the feeling of schadenfreude. I hate the pranking bits also and will turn the channel. We were supposed to leave that shit behind in grade school with April Fools jokes. High school at the latest.

This picture is an example of the kind of prank I can tolerate and only IF the pranksters help restore the person's equipment when they're done. The prank in that picture was creative and funny and didn't humiliate or harm anyone. Pranks where someone is humiliated or where they become the focus of someone else's laughter without the victim being aware are juvenile and stupid and royally piss me off.

This radio prank was clearly a catalyst for what this woman eventually did and in my opinion, while I can't say they are guilty of murder, they are reprehensible in that they contributed to her death.


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