Secret Santa Gift

I and a group of girlfriends have a annual gift exchange where our gifts are more about getting the perfect 'thing' for the person in question than getting something expensive. I think we all put a lot of thought into it and we all have a lot of fun doing it. This was what I got this year. It couldn't be more perfect. It's a spark plug cook with a book in one hand and a cooking utensil in the other.

This is a sculpture by Dick Cooley and I apologize for the lighting. You can see more of his work here. I did a post on his work a while ago which you can read here.

Thank you so much!!


Noelle said...

That is Awesome you have such thoughtful friends. :-)

Frimmy said...

They are the best

Angie said...

What a great picture! We are such lucky people to have found each other. Next stop: Vegas!!


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