US Magazine Cover Fail

In Canada our magazines come out on the stands about one issue behind the States. (In case you were wondering why I was posting old news) I realize the calibre of journalism found on tabloid payrolls is lacking somewhat but human gestation for babies is a pretty elementary biological fact. She's barely announced that she's pregnant. So what is she? Two months? Three? Don't get me wrong, I don't care that much about a royal baby.

"A Baby for Christmas!" Will and Kate tell friends to expect good news in the new year! [blahblah]

Make up your mind. Is there going to be a baby for Christmas or not because even if you meant Christmas 2013 you're still wrong. However, it might be worth a wager on whether there will be a baby for the US Thanksgiving, our Thanksgiving or Halloween. What happens in September? Labour Day. Oo!! Fodder for a stupid play on words headline alert!



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