Whimsical Illustrations - Clothilde Gobely

Imagine how amazing (and sometimes scary) it would be to carry with you into adulthood your sense of imagination and wonder and the ability to see creatures in the everyday ordinary things around you!

Clothilde Gobely is an illustrator has been gifted with that ability. With just a few embellishments she creates a whimsical scene from the banal.

I don't speak French (seriously, I don't) but it looks like she will tweek your ordinary baby portraits too. I wish I had known of her when the Lad was a baby. Her website, found here, says she's an Illustratrice! (Although judging by the URL of her website she, like Poirot, might be Belgian) I had a really hard time finding her on the internet, but I'm so glad I did. Her illustrations make me smile and remember a time not so long ago when I too saw dragons in winter trees. 

Her website has an animation starring this fish (Poisson07)

I love how the imaginary cat mimics the shadows of the bench's legs


I remember making little mice out of teasels...hang on I'll get a picture if I can

Someone else's idea of a teasel mouse. I like the ones we made and Clothilde's better

This is also one of hers:

When you visit her site a cascade of her creatures are there greet you. You can almost feel the tangible personality of their creator peeking out from behind them and you can feel a lurking kindred spirit. Yes a kindred spirit of mine would lurk. I feel that if I had any artistic talent and I drew creatures, they would look a lot like this. But I don't. I'll let Clothilde do it for the both of us.



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